This Page explains how to Load and Transfer your MNEs and How to check your Available Balance.

1. Tutorial - How to Load and Transfer MNE

Any ethereum wallet can be use to load and transfer your MNE tokens. In the example below we will use (A safe client-side ethereum wallet) to illustrate how to load your Genesis Address tokens and transfer them:

1. Go to

2. Select Send Ether & Tokens

3. Load your wallet, in the example below we use the keystore file

4. Click on Add Custom Token, add the following information and Save:

Address: 0x1a95b271b0535d15fa49932daba31ba612b52946

Token Symbol: MNE

Decimals: 8

5. To transfer MNE, select MNE in the Amount to Send Dropdown

2. Tutorial - How to Check Available Balances


2. Click on the tab "Read Contract"

3. On the function availableBalanceOf, insert your address and click Query

4. Your available balance will be visible in the output

Since minereum has 8 decimals, divide the result by 100000000 to get the MNE value.