This Page explains how to buy Minereum, for the example below we use our exchange but can also be acquired in the exchanges HitBTC and Cryptopia.

Tutorial - How to Buy Minereum

1. Open an account at

2. After logging in click on Balances on the top menu

3. Load your account with Bitcoin or Etherem by clicking on Deposit

Transfer your bitcoins or ethereum to the displayed address. Note that it may take some time to load your coins, if it takes more time than usual contact support.

4. When your deposit is done, click on the menu Buy / Sell and select Trading

5.On the Search box type MNE, you will find two pairs MNE/BTC and MNE/ETH

6. Select the pair you wish for Trading and buy Minereum

7. To Withdraw, click on the Menu Balance, locate Minereum and click on WITHDRAWAL

Follow the steps, input your Ethereum Wallet Address and your MNEs will be transfered to your wallet shortly.

8. To Load & Transfer your MNE from your wallet follow the steps here: